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There have been foreclosures since the dawn of time. What is new is the quantity of current foreclosures in Maryland and USA.

When you first bought your house, at settlement part of what you signed was an agreement that if you ever fell behind on your mortgage payments you agreed to reimburse the mortgage company for any and all reasonable expenses they incur in an effort to collect from you what you owe. The mortgage company pretty much decides what is reasonable.

The fees incurred have nothing to do with the amount of mortgage you pay each month. When you are about 3 weeks from your Auction date the fees, in addition to your mortgage arrearages, are usually around $4,200. The earlier you solve your mortgage problem the lower these fees are.

The problems with our country's foreclosure situation are varied. There is no one size fits all. The government complicates a simple problem by adding layers to the solution.

The mortgage companies DO NOT WANT YOUR PROPERTY!

What the mortgage companies want is to get the bad debt off the books. This can be done with:

  • Loan Modification
  • Forbearance repayment plan
  • Partial Claim (FHA loans only)
  • Lowering your Interest rate
  • Putting part or all of your mortgage arrearages at the end of your 30 year mortgage
  • Giving you a 3 month or 6 month sabbatical from mortgage payments
  • Forgiving some or all of the fees and/or arrearages


To: Graff & Associates:
"I and my husband are very happy with the mortgage solution you got for us. We were very afraid of losing our home. When we came to your office you and your wife made us feel relaxed and hopeful that you could save our home and you did. Thank you again. Manuel M."

"Mr. Graff, My wife and I are appreciative that you did not rush us and that you explained every detail of the process to us. Jennifer C."

Dear Graff & Associates, LLC
"When I came to your office I was relieved to find out that you are a regular person. It put both of us at ease. Thank you for helping us with our mortgage problem. Faith C."

To Sharon & Michael Graff:
"You were the answer to our prayers. You ran with the ball as our advocates with the mortgage company. P.S. we enjoyed your stories, they put us at ease. Mary H."